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Personal Injury
Disability Claims


Law Clerk Diploma – Mohawk College

Pre-Health Sciences Certificate – Fanshawe College

Amy Hofstetter has been helping injured victims in her capacity as a personal injury law clerk since 1997.  The first part of Amy’s career was spent working at large personal injury firms in the city, but being a Simcoe native, Amy returned home to Norfolk County and has been working with Paul Hosack since 2013.

Amy is passionate about the victims she helps.  She has compassion and understanding and is always there to help our clients through difficult and stressful times.  Amy is well versed in accident benefits claims and litigation.  She has prepared for and assisted in many trials throughout her career.  Amy’s and Paul’s combined experience leads to a very effective legal team where clients can focus on healing while they deal with the legalities and ensure our clients are receiving appropriate compensation.

Amy is a past Board member of Community Living Access.  She is an active member of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (“OTLA”).  Amy was vice-chair of the Law Clerks Section of OTLA from 2013 through 2015, has written papers, presented at multiple conferences, and in 2013 OTLA presented Amy with the Outstanding Law Clerk Award.  On May 30, 2019 Amy was honoured to receive the Distinguished Service Award from OTLA.  Amy is the first law clerk to ever receive this award.

Amy was one of the first in her industry to realize that insurers were improperly deducting HST from the benefit limits of motor vehicle collision victims.  She filed the first complaint with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (“FSCO”), and although that insurer reimbursed our client the funds, other insurers continued to improperly deduct HST.  Through Amy’s efforts our firm continued fighting this issue with the insurers which led others to do the same.  The continued fight on this issue led to OTLA members bringing class action lawsuits against the offending insurers.

In 2020, Amy was one of six OTLA members, and the first law clerk, to receive the John A. McLeish Award from OTLA.  The John A. McLeish Award is a prestigious award which recognizes “…an outstanding contribution to the goals of a fair trial and access to justice…”.  Amy and her colleagues were recognized for “The group’s contributions in taking on the insurance industry, as well as the provincial government, regarding the HST/SABS class action litigation is of immense importance to accident victims and to the legal profession.  It is providing access to justice to thousands and thousands of victims who have been shortchanged for medical and rehabilitation benefits.”

Amy L. Hofstetter

Law Clerk to R. Paul Hosack


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