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Hi my name is Tom. In September of 2000 I was driving my family through Simcoe when a young woman pulled out of a driveway causing what turned out for me to be a life changing accident. I was 31 years old at the time with a wife and three young children. I suffered a number of injuries but no fractures. My back and neck were never the same again. After many months it became clear that I would not be able to work in the heavy labour type jobs I had always done. My wife and I had never used a lawyer before so we called one of the "big city" personal injury lawyers you see advertise in the yellow pages. After going to Toronto to sign a bunch of papers with a clerk we waited for months before hearing from the lawyer. Eventually he called us in for a meeting and he suggested we settle my case for an amount that was, after he was paid, about what I would earn in one year. He explained that my case would be difficult to prove and it seemed to me he was looking for an easy solution. My wife was in tears and I was in shock, I could barely get out of bed half the time and my back pain was only getting worse. We had no money and only getting by on the charity of friends and family. A friend suggested I speak to Paul Hosack, a local lawyer in Simcoe who handles personal injury matters. Boy was I glad that we did. Paul met personally with my wife and I and told us that while chronic pain cases can be difficult, he believed me and he would fight for my wife and I. And fight for us he did. First he applied for CPP disability for me and when they turned me down he appealed and took the matter to a tribunal...and we won! Then he mediated and applied for arbitration with my own insurance company and had a settlement meeting with my insurer and the other driver's insurance company. He did not think they were being fair so we went to arbitration with my insurer and we won again! After that both insurance companies were more than willing to resolve my claims and we settled on terms that compensated me for not being able to work again. I believe that having a local lawyer who knew personal injury law really made the difference. I was not just another file to Paul. Our kids even played in the same T-ball league. My wife and I are so thankful we went to Paul and all the help he gave us.
When I was involved in my car accident in April of 2011 I needed a Lawyer that could help me through the complicated process of dealing with insurance companies and someone that I could trust. I was lucky enough to be referred to Paul Hosack of MHN Lawyers and I can say without hesitation that Paul has been awesome to deal with.   Unlike other lawyers I have dealt with, Paul is reachable and very patient to answer any questions we have had.  I know as a partner in a firm such as MHN, demands on his time are extensive. Despite that fact, every time we talk, Paul always takes that little extra time and makes us feel like we were his only client.   Paul's clerk Amy has been WONDERFUL to work with. Navigating through the legal process is sometimes very confusing. Amy takes the time to ensure that we understand not only what's happening now, but sometimes more importantly what happens next.   Together they are a fantastic team who not only know how to get results, but more importantly they make you feel like part of the Team, not someone watching from the sidelines.   Paul & Amy thank you for not only your hard work in making this process smooth and not so daunting, but most of all, thank you for making us feel like we matter.  
Robin and Glen Porritt
From the first time I limped into the office after a car accident I knew I went to the right place! They have represented me as if I was one of their own family members. They know my rights and have been by my side fighting for me every step of the way making sure the insurance company doesn’t take advantage. It has been a long, stressful battle with the people in my law suit, but having this team representing me has made all the difference in the world. I truly trust them. They have my best interest and I can’t imagine where I would be in my rehab without them fighting for me so I can focus on my health. Everyone has been very pleasant and professional. If you’re not sure about your rights definitely call MacLead Hosack Nunn Pereira Kinkle LLP and ask for Paul Hosack.
Seeking legal advice may come across very intimidating, but at MHN Lawyers they will treat you with respect and efficiency. Paul Hosack has been representing me since my auto accident in 2010. He was recommended after another personal injury lawyer informed me that I didn't have a case. With Paul's years of experience, it has enabled him to provide thoughtful, thorough, and most importantly, a productive result. His law clerk, Amy Hofstetter, is outstanding. Her attention to detail is astonishing. She is efficient, experienced and compassionate. Wendy Wozniak is Paul's litigation assistant. Once more, Wendy is valuable, productive, cordial and committed. Paul and his staff have made an unpredictable life changing occurrence more comforting and satisfying.
Denise R. – Simcoe, ON