Our skilled and experienced employment lawyers represent clients in a full range of employment matters that arise in the workplace. We routinely represent employers and employees in Norfolk County, Southwestern Ontario and the GTA.


Making good management decisions with consideration for application employment laws, human rights legislation and other regulations is critical for any business. We assist clients by providing guidance with the development of policies and providing advice for specific employee issues which arise from time-to-time to minimize the risk of subsequent legal issues. When matters proceed to court we represent employers to ensure a fair, timely and cost-effective outcome.


We understand that the loss of employment is a difficult experience for clients and has the potential to cause significant financial hardship. Terminated employees need sound legal advice to ensure they receive the compensation they are entitled to. We pursue matters aggressively and promptly because a timely result can be crucial for your financial well-being during a period of unemployment.

Our employment lawyers provide advice and representation on a range of employment matters, including:

Wrongful Dismissal
Constructive Dismissal
Employment Standards
Termination of Employment and Severance
Employment Contracts
Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Agreements
Human Rights
Disabled Employees and the Duty to Accommodate
Regulatory Compliance
Occupational Health and Safety