Facing criminal charges or defending a highway traffic offence can often be uncertain and stressful leading to significant personal consequences with long-lasting effects. Proper legal representation is crucial to navigating the complex criminal justice system in order to ensure that you experience the fairest and most favourable outcome. Our experienced legal team, lead by Jamie Pereira, is committed to providing powerful and effective representation every step of the way to obtain the best result possible. Where necessary, we will undertake and employ forensic analysts, private investigators, toxicology or bring various expert assistance and testimony before the courts.

Our representation will involve professional preparation and negotiation. We always will be ready to take a case before the courts for every one of our clients.

If you, or others you care about, are facing a criminal charge in any court in the Province of Ontario, contact our office today to arrange a private and confidential consultation.

We can help with the following issues:

Canadian Charter of Rights Freedoms
Investigations, Arrests and Detentions
Bail and release
Trials, Motions, Juries
Domestic assault
Sexual offences
Property, Robbery, and Thefts
Impaired, Over .08
Highway Traffic Act Offences
Conspiracies and Fraud
Restitution and Restorative Justice
Probation and Parole House Arrests, Jail Sentences, Fine Orders


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