Norfolk County residents sure love their trucks!

It is common to see pick-up trucks on the road that have large tires and lift kits.  What you may not realize is that when you install tires larger than the manufacturer’s recommendation, or install a lift kit, these are vehicle modifications and must be reported to your insurance company.  Failing to do so can result in a finding of misrepresentation by your insurer, nullify your auto policy, and make obtaining further auto insurance difficult.  Insurers take misrepresentation seriously, even if your broker turns a blind eye to your jacked up, monster looking truck sitting outside his or her office.  Insurers often view these modifications as unsafe and will not insure your vehicle.  Research has determined that lift kits and big tires affect the stability of your vehicle and its safe handling.  Even with advising your broker/insurer of the modifications your insurer may cancel your existing auto policy or refuse to insure you.  If you intend to make those modifications, better to check with your insurer before spending thousands on uninsurable modifications.

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